I’m sharing some tips that helped me pair down my wardrobe & embrace the white space in my closet & my mornings.

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First, I want to talk about minimalism. My definition of minimalism is the degree to which I have what I need & have cleared space in my life to accept the intangible, like peace & contentment.

I should mention that since this post, I’ve started talking more about clutter-free closets on my Instagram.

You can watch my IGTV’s to get some tips & tricks on how to spend less & have more of what matters when it comes to your closet.

Have you seen this Netflix documentary about Minimalism? It really got me thinking about consumerism in my own life. Like why did I have three pairs of black pants when I only really loved one of them? A topic I then became obsessed over & essentially turned my closet upside down. I’m excited to share with you my journey towards a minimalist wardrobe!

I love my kiddos & as a mom, I’m learning that nothing outweighs the value of time & when I have less things to clean up, I have more time. So I’m on a minimalist pursuit. A relentless pursuit, a pursuit nonetheless.

Naturally, I’m overstimulated by people & noises. It’s hard to escape & I understood this more about myself after having kids & realizing my whole physical demeanor changed when my babes would cry. After having three kids & three times the amount of ‘stuff’, I realized I was overstimulated by things too! Decluttering isn’t the cure all approach, however it’s definitely made me a more peaceful mom.

I read the book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ & I realized I was holding onto maternity jeans or other pieces of clothing out of mere sentiment. The sentimental value I had placed on objects had my closet full to the brim! I had no room to bring anything in, yet I had nothing to wear. I read an article on a wardrobe challenge that you can find here. I decided to accept the challenge & here I am 2 years later with a lot less clothes & a lot more time.

Another good read on clearing the space in your home, to live a more free life was ‘Present Over Perfect’ by Shauna Niequest. I took the wisdom imparted to me from the books & articles & decided what my standard of minimalism would be, in my home & in my closet.

If you have any suggestions on how to slim down your wardrobe, please share them in the comments at the end of this post! We could all use the wisdom from your experiences!!

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Here are 7 questions to ask when creating a capsule wardrobe:

#1. What do I need today?

Not tomorrow, not in winter time, not next week. Nope, today. I read this scripture & it helped me focus on what I needed today.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34.

My worry was that I had too much stuff & it was making me crazy. I felt I had nothing to wear, yet a million different articles of clothing in front me. Nothing fit well, everything was being held according its sentimental value & I needed to change. This question laid a firm foundation on what to keep & how to cut a huge chunk of unnecessary items out of my closet.

I live in Southern California & the winters are far from harsh. Yes, we’ll get some cold days & some rainy days, but nothing to panic over when it came to my winter wardrobe. The truth is that I could probably use my jacket, boots & jeans from last year & survive the cold. So I went through my 25 jackets (from year prior) & started to throw them out. I went to my scarves & kept one. It’s helped in the storage department to have limited items for each season!

#2. How much time do you want to spend getting ready every morning?

I once heard that successful people have minimal clothing options because it saves time & energy on deciding what to wear.

I would often find myself sifting through piles of clothes only to find my favorite tee. Not to mention the laundry that would pile up from random things being thrown into it. I thought about the amount of time, over time, that I had spent looking for my favorite things to wear. I don’t have to waste energy anymore on multiple options & unnecessary laundry. I save so much time & energy having a minimalist wardrobe and it’s been life changing!

#4. What do I do & where do I go every day?

I go to the park almost every single day of the week. In our present season we’ve got soccer, church & homeschool. So basically, I’m in black leggings 6 days a week, ha! It has been warm so I’m either in leggings or comfy shorts (placing emphasis on the comfy). If I’m not comfy & I’m at the park, then I’m usually not having fun, or not helping my two year old try & use the monkey bars. Ultimately, the theme in my closet is comfortable.

#5. What articles of clothing/accessories will last?

Some people call these staple items or versatile pieces. I love these lightweight, leather earrings that have held up so well & can really go with anything. I tried to choose well trusted brands when I decided what to keep in my wardrobe.

I held onto most of my Gap stuff & it seems like it’s been a consistent brand around our home. If you know how to shop with them, then you know that they love sending out discount codes & Gap cash to their customers. This has saved our family hundreds & their clothes last all year long & are great hand-me-downs. So a crucial part of having less, was to have quality pieces that would last.

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#6. Pick 6 articles of clothing from 3 different categories.

Not including shoes, accessories & loungewear, I try to have 5-6 bottoms (2 skirts, 2 shorts & 2 pants) along with 6 tees & finally, 6 dresses and/or rompers to choose from. If you don’t wear dresses & love jeans, then maybe you choose to have more jeans. It’s whatever you decide, but I like the rule of 6 & then you can diversify between tops & bottoms & throw in a dress every now & again. This is very minimal & I may have a few more in some categories than in others, but it’s basically what I’ve chosen to keep. Remember that doesn’t include shoes, accessories or loungewear. The most important part about what I chose to keep, in each category, is that I was realistic about my present season of life.

#7. How long will this take me to complete?

It took me a whole 2 years to determine what my minimalist closet felt like. It was grace & grit that got me here. The most important thing to consider when getting rid of things is it’ll be a lot easier if you ever have to move, ha! Take it from a girl who’s moved 2 times in the last year and a half.

I often held onto things in fear of not having enough or not being able to replace something. It now takes me a few minutes & limited energy to throw some clothes on & get out the door. The benefits of having a simplified wardrobe far outweighs the fears or not having enough.

I’ll forever be working towards an ‘easier’ way of life. If there’s such a thing, I’ll be sharing it here, ha! I think these minimalists are on to something!

And why do you worry about clothes? Consider how the lilies of the field grow: They do not labor or spin. Matthew 6:28

With grace & coffee,


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