I think free play is the most fundamental, if not crucial part of learning.  From the benefits of park play to play-doh fun, I'm breaking down some indoor & outdoor activities for small kids.  

Kids love to learn with Play-Doh.  

I know what you're thinking, 'duh all moms know this', but do you ever feel that there are times in the long day where you've exhausted every.single.activity known to man?  Have you tried play-doh?  I know, sometimes I forget we have it too.  

I'm linking the play-doh tools because it will turn 15 minutes of fun into hours & in my opinion the quiet time is well worth the clean up, PROMISE. It's a cheap & fun way of letting my kiddos create, practice taking turns (wishful thinking!) & learn their colors.  It's a great motor & scenery activity also.  

For the older kiddos, have them make their own play-doh. I'm linking a recipe (that we plan to try), here.  

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Kids love park play.

If your kiddos are anything like mine, they like to jump, roll, wraaaaastle & run, in the house!  The bet part about this fun activity is that it's absolutely FREE.  Here's an article I found that lists 5 other benefits of outdoor park play.  So if the weather permits, grab the stroller, the wagon, throw them in the car, do whatever it takes & GO TO THE PARK. Kids, both big & small sometimes just need a change of scenery.  My kids also like bringing the sand toys to our local park.

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Host a playdate.

Not only do kids need to build their social skills, moms need community too.  There have been so many times as a stay at home mom to little kids that I've felt isolated & lonely.  I often need someone to chat with & relate to.  I often feel like other moms are looking for an invite & not sure whether or not to make the first move.  It's kind of like mom dating, lol.  So I say, step out of your comfort zone & ask!

A group of 2 other moms & myself had a preschool/homeschool group & took turns hosting an activity & learning session in our homes.  We felt that it gave us ownership & held value as we worked toward loving & teaching each others' children.  We made life-long friends from it & I'm forever grateful for that experience.

The pool or splash pad.  Like this one, that's local to us, at Victoria Gardens.

Make your own popsicles.  My kiddos will sit quietly with popsicles & watch an entire movie!  For me, this means peace & quiet for just under two hours.  Can all the mamas say amen!?   If it's warm out, take the popsicle party to the porch & engage with the littles for a while.  Heck, make them with veggies & eat one yourself.  

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Another P that I live by is Pinterest. Pick an easy, age appropriate craft, or print a free worksheet.  Pinterest really is the black hole of ideas on how to keep your kiddos busy so happy hunting!

I hope you find this blog post helpful. Leave a comment below with some of your favorite toddler activities!

These utility wagons are all the hype & we use ours to haul the kiddos (see safety rules) & our soccer gear. Right now, they're actually a really good price on Amazon & I'm linking it here.

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Here's to embracing each & every moment with these growing kiddos.  I pray we find hopeful & happy hearts in our seasons of motherhood, in & through the one who created us. 

With grace & coffee,


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