The holidays are such a delicate & busy time.  Delicate because we want to spread love & give gifts & be present & celebrate Jesus' birth, and so on.  Busy, because all of those things keep us busy!  It's also the perfect opportunity to be intentional, become connected & make memories that will last a lifetime.  

One of the reasons I love Fall is the cooler weather.  Another reason is that it's a three month period of pumpkin spice everything, can I get an amen?!  Summer is awesome, but there's something so nostalgic about the Fall & Christmas seasons.

My oldest is now six & oh how the holidays have changes after having kids.  We used to just be able to get up & go Christmas shopping (without a plan & without having to hire a sitter -- goodbye Christmas $$$$), visit 10 different houses if we wanted to on Thanksgiving ('cause there was no such thing as a nap time schedule) & oh yeah, actually take naps ourselves after our hefty Thanksgiving meal.  Not to mention dodging the flu bugs.   Each year & with each new babe we've experienced change & with those changes have come the most amazing memories.  With all of that said, I'm discovering that planning & preparation is important, however being open to change is just as equally important.   Choose 4 BIG & measurable things to add to your bucket list this Fall.  

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I've created a 'Fall family bucket list' cheat sheet at the end of this blog post!!

Fall bucket list idea #1 // pick a destination.

Whether it's Grandma Deb's house an hour away or the local pumpkin patch, choose a weekend where you'll pack the family up & head out.  The most important part is to be intentional about where you're going, how you're getting there & what you want accomplish.  Even if it's rest & relaxation.  Being intentional says, 'this means a lot to me & therefore I will carry it out.'.  

Here I talk about traveling with kids.

For example, I'm big on traditions.  I LOVE TRADITIONS.  Traditions make me feel like I have purpose & all is right in the world.  Pumpkin patches are our tradition.  So I will set a weekend aside around Halloween & we will visit the pumpkin patch.  We'll take pictures, the kids will ride rides & we'll more than likely get a pumpkin or two.  Why?  Because it's important to me & I need the memories for my mama heart, so going to the pumpkin patch is intentional for me. 

Fall bucket list idea #2 // schedule a photoshoot.

As intentional as I am about not spending money on things that you can do yourself, this one is a no brainier when it comes to actually saving money on Christmas gifts.  I wrote a blog post about why family photos are an absolute necessity & you can find it here.  

There are five people that I could list right now who could use a little extra Christmas cash, would love to help you out & may even give you a discount.  So really, you're giving & allowing friends & family to practice their talents.  You could even choose a destination (see previous pointer) & ask your photographer to meet you there.

Fall bucket list idea #3 // choose a dessert recipe -- or two!

There's no better time to bake then in the Fall.  It's cooler & there are a million different ways you can bake a pumpkin spice inspired sweet treat.  Another really good Christmas gift idea is baked goods.  No one will ever say no to some freshly baked pumpkin spice, chocolate chip cheesecake bites (are those even a thing? YUM!).  My kids love to bake & it makes for great photos & even better memories.  

I challenge you to get on Pinterest now & start browsing best of Fall desserts!  There's an endless amount of dessert recipe ideas on Pinterest & it'll get you in the mood for all things Fall y'all.  It's always nice to have something to look forward to.  So sad when the holiday fun ends, but it's nice to look forward to, nonetheless

Fall bucket list idea #4 // get crafty!

When doing Christmas on a budget, crafts are the perfect way to save money.  Kids know how to make things with intentionality & people feel the love that was put into that gift.  Plus, think about the memories you'll make with your kids while sitting down as a family to craft.  There are many benefits to setting time aside, through the holiday season, to grab the glue gun & get to work!

I hope these four tips are helpful to get your Fall bucket list going.  There are so many things you could do over the holidays, but I think it's important to pick a few good ones.  I chose four because having a busy schedule isn't always ideal especially when you factor in work, sickness, family & needing to rest, not to mention decorating, shopping & the list goes on!  Having a few things I want to be intentional about over the holidays, seems feasible!  Don't you agree?  I'd love for your to share your Fall family plans & traditions in the comments below!  

Happy Fall planning y'all!

With grace & coffee,


A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

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