You can make a quick $65 total, by signing up with all three apps! How cool is that?

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With all of the phone apps I have on my phone, it’s no wonder I can never truly become a minimalist. Sigh. I got locked out of my phone recently & had to reset it. All of my apps had vanished which was actually a blessing in disguise because I no longer had to sift through them to find my favs!

I had downloaded a bunch of money saving apps, prior to my unintended phone declutter, & realized they were all so hard to use! Saving money felt like a chore! & so I realized I would be intentional time towards a few apps in hopes to put my money to work! I really just wanted to earn some spare change for my coffee habit, ha! I say that jokingly although it is nice to treat myself once in a while. Especially since we’re approaching Thanksgiving & Christmas!! I mean who doesn’t want a Peppermint latte while strolling through the cutest neighborhood to admire all of the beautiful Christmas lights?!

Well thanks to the forced phone reset I realized there were really only 3 money making apps that were easy enough for this busy mama to use. I’m excited to share how I’m making/saving some extra money for Christmas, ‘cause it’ll be here before we know it!

  1. Chime Bank

I recently started Dashing which you can learn more about that in this blog post & I wanted to put my earnings to work, I just didn’t know how. So I started searching for banking offers, with low (or no) fees to start saving & I stumbled upon Chime.

How could I possibly bank solely online & it be safe? The fees must be outrageous, I thought! Would I ever be able to get ahold of a live person if I needed to? The answers to these questions would only be sorted out by signing up, reading the terms & conditions & trying it out myself. One of my main goals was to start saving & this banking option was perfect! It basically rounds up your spending & piles it away into a savings account. If you’re not a great saver, like me, this does the work for you!

Join Chime to earn $50 just for signing up & receiving a payroll direct deposit of $200 or more within your first 45 days!

I had questions about hidden fees so I called & was able to talk to a representative to put my mind at ease. (see site for full terms & conditions for applicable fees, etc)

I’m happy to announce that, so far, I’m a very satisfied customer!

Grab your $50 from Chime

2. Ibotta

I like this app because you don’t have to redeem bonuses before you shop, which is a stuggle for me! Although I don’t make a ton a money by using this app, it can really add up over time. I’m just $2 shy of cashing out another $20! Another bonus is when you refer your friends, you earn $5 & they earn $10! So share the love with your mom, dad, siblings our cousins! It’s free money, so why not (well if you scan your receipts)! The other part I really love about Ibotta is that you can earn money in addition to other discounts & coupons, so it could really put your money to work if you’re into couponing. For example, right now they offer $2 off of Huggies diapers at Walgreens. If you have a Walgreens and/or Huggies coupon, then you could use all of them! It does take a little bit of time to learn how to utilize all of the savings, but could really be worth it in the end, ‘cause diapers are expensive! Take it from a mama who has had 4 kiddos. So download the app now & happy shopping!

(see app for full terms & conditions)

Earn a $10 welcome bonus by signing up with Ibotta

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3. Drop

If this app isn’t the easiest way to earn money, then I don’t know what is! They have SO many vendors that qualify like Target, Chipotle, McDonalds, participating gas stations & so many more! We’re a family of five, with small kiddos & I feel like a lot of the money saving apps don’t really pertain to our lifestyle. I’m not a big shopper for home or clothing (which you can earn points for), but this app pays for just about everything else too & the points add up fast!!

You earn points & then redeem the points for gift cards. So basically feeding my kids happy or grabbing toiletries from Target buys me coffee at Starbucks!! Oh yeah, I’m currently also earning points at Starbucks #winning. I got to play a game on the app the other day to earn bonus points, seriously so fun! (see full terms on participating cash back offers)

I haven’t even had the app for month & have already earned $10 worth of points (which included my sign up bonus) & let’s be honest when you’re a coffee lover like me, equals just about three coffees, ha! If you’re very picky about the apps you have on your phone, I understand, but this one is a no brainer! Tip is to link all of your cards, so you’re always earning points & never have to lift a finger again! (see site for full terms & conditions)

Earn your $5 worth of Drop points by signing up with Drop

I hope you find an app that fits with your lifestyle & could really work towards earning/saving you money. If you have an app that you LOVE, please share it in the comments below!! We could all use the money saving tips!

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With grace & coffee,


disclosure: there may be affiliate links in this blog post. If a purchase is made or an app is downloaded, it may result in a small commission to me.

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