Wannabe healthy? Get 5 health tips from a wannabe healthy & busy momma!

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I often see people exercising, speed walking, riding bikes or running down a beaten path that's usually next to a beach.  I think it’s safe to say their efforts are all the same; to try & be the healthiest version of themselves.  If you feel like you want to be the best version of yourself but have fallen off the beaten path and want to become healthy again, I'm sharing some small changes I've made, over time.  These changes have helped me to develop better health habits, become a better mom & be content with the life I've been given.  I still struggle & some days are more hard than others.  It's a relentless pursuit, but these are helpful overall & great strategies to keep in mind, especially on the hard(er) days.

Here are five health tips for busy women, from busy momma!  Note:  I am ALWAYS  a work in progress!!

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First off, let's talk about your why.  Why do you want to become more healthy?  Well I know why you should become more healthy.  You should start today because you're important & this world needs your you!  Yes you!  Every single bit of you!  Determining my why has helped me get back on the beaten path & stay there.  My why is my family.  When I'm low on energy & moody, they are usually on the receiving end of my bad attitude.  James 1:19 says to be quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to become angry but I find this hard to put into play when I haven't cared for myself, both physically & spiritually.  Plus, I want to stick around for a while & hopefully see my grandbabies some day. 

As a busy mom I often find myself buried in laundry piles & staring down into dirty toilets.  Sometimes exercising looks like finding an empty spot on my living room floor while the kiddos climb all over me.  Yeah, not ideal, & most of the time, it just ain't happening.  Whether it’s consistent exercising, eating healthy snacks or just trying to get enough sleep, my present season of motherhood often interferes with my health quest.  Snacks, for me, can sometimes look like half eaten string cheese or whatever the kids decided they don’t want anymore.  It’s hard to set health goals and keep them because of the uncertainty & busyness that motherhood brings. 

I think there are three parts to consider on my health quest as a busy mom who wants to be the healthiest version of herself.  First, the most important part of MY health journey is that I understand it’s a journey & not a destination.  Second, changing my standards to meet my present season of life.  For example, for some people their goals are taking supplements, drinking protein shakes & getting to the gym 5-6 times a week.  For me, it may look like actually getting 8 hours of sleep, turning in my coffee cup for water & getting out to the gym for the first time in over a week.  I've had to change my standards & the realistic expectations for myself, 'cause #momlife.  Last, giving myself grace is just as important as drinking an extra glass of water.   


disclaimer:  I'm not a health professional, just a busy mom trying to do her thang as a blogger & homeschool mom.  So let's do this together & encourage one another on our quests to healthy!

#1 Try to maintain a positive outlook on our bodies & our lives.    

This is important because you must understand how important you are to others in order to understand how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle is.  In the past, I've been told I look anorexic and too skinny. My mom will often ask me if I've been eating. She's Latina & I'm sure it's in her cultural DNA to make sure I'm eating plenty enough to sustain my busy #momlife. Either way, it never feels good to have someone make comments about your body & negative body image can come in all shapes & sizes.  I try to see myself as beautiful, in my own unique way, free of comparison & hush the voices that have told me I'm abnormal.  What is normal any way?  My point is this, anyone can have a negative a negative self-image, no matter the shape & size.  So loving your body, because it’s the one God gave you, will push you into loving things that are nice to your body & this has been absolutely true for me.  

On the days I have a hard time finding happy, I work out.  Exercising has been known to increase mood & decrease anxiety & stress.  I can attest to this in my own life.  On the weeks I feel anxious, I go swimming at the gym or take the kids for a walk & it really helps.  It also reminds me that when I wanted to give up, I didn't & that my body can do more than I have given it credit for.  Exercising has so many more positive effects on our bodies & I found this helpful list here.  I also give myself grace, read my Bible & pray that God gives me the resources I need to take care of my body, but most important my soul.

side note:  I think decluttering helps with my mood, too.  I share some decluttering strategies I learned in this post.

Easy to read devotion for busy moms!

Second, get an accountability partner.

My accountability partner is my husband because he's really good at reminding me of my why & puts just enough pressure on my to get out of the house & buy healthier food at the store.  I think it's important when choosing your person, they understand how important being healthy is to you.  Call a friend or family member & motivate them to come along side you and take a walk, shop for some smart water & veggies & have great conversations about your whys!  Having an accountability partner is encouraging & inspires community, which has its benefits too!

Third, cut out sugary beverages.

I have cut sugar out of my coffee & this has made a ton of difference in my energy levels.  So I now cut out sugary drinks all together, these can include soda, teas with sweeteners & frapps.  With that being said, I think having a treat once is a while is a definite must!!  Overall, this small change has made a big difference in my motivation levels & will hopefully account for more positive results, over time.  

Oh yeah & drink water, LOTS of water!   

#4 I try to practice moderation.

I am no stranger to sweet treats!!  Like I said, grace has pushed me here & if I had a dollar for every dessert I’ve had this month, I’d be..  you get the point.  I think allowing myself to indulge reminds me of the sweetness that life has to offer.  I'm not a huge fruit fan but I do try to eat fruit as a dessert too.  Having a sweet treat or some fast food here & there is just part of enjoying life.  I give myself the 5 day rule, 5 out of the 7 days I try to eat healthy & then over the weekend I can have some fun.  I try to eat healthy, most of the time, in hopes it will benefit my health over time.

Here are some kid friendly, healthy(ish) snacks for your sweet tooth!

Here is my best coffee cake recipe that's incredibly delish!


#5 I can't over-schedule myself.

Often times, I'm pressured into ‘doing it all’.  Whether that means extra curricular activities for the kids, a booming social life or working ‘cause #bills.  This is a recipe for disaster.  As an introvert I need triple the amount of down time as uptime.  If I’m overdoing it in the ‘social’ department, my body will start to crave energy which usually results in me killing a box of chocolate.  Getting adequate rest tells my body thank you & in return I’m able to maintain a healthy(ish) balance.  I don’t think there’s such a thing as balance but I do believe in being intentional about everything, with the understanding that one thing comes at the cost of another.  If I'm blogging then I'm not exercising, if I'm exercising then I'm not cooking dinner & if I'm cooking dinner..  hopefully you get the point!

Whether you’re a busy mom, busy employee or just plain busy, it can be easy to fall into the trap of bad sleeping & eating habits, drinking too much coffee, instead of water, & inadvertently developing a negative self-image. Take this from a busy momma who struggles on the daily!   I think the fundamental component in living a healthier life is to remember why being healthy is SO important in the first place!  This type of thinking has helped me to make daily lifestyle changes that will hopefully account for a more healthy life, over time. 

With grace & coffee,


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