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I'm sharing five reasons why I think professional family photos are an absolute necessity.  You can find our family photos below & our photographer (Ash & Ri Photography) here.

Being that we're in Southern California, we only kind of get to experience the changing seasons.  Fall is by far our favorite season & although the weather can't seem to make up its mind, I'm gonna sit here & eat all things warm & fall-ish while wearing my favorite sweater on repeat.  Oh yeah, another iced pumpkin spice latte please!!  I think Fall is the perfect time to get family photos done, but really I believe family photos are a necessity all year round.  

#1. Photos are a public display of affection for your loved ones.

It says, "I love you & you're going up on my wall for the whole world to see.".  Or at least anyone who walks up & down the stairs, lol.  Part of celebrating our babes is displaying their lovely faces on our family photo wall.  My husband built, out of pallet boards, a place where we can display pictures year round.  We change them according to the season & it's been blank since we moved in.  The kids enjoy reflecting on these fun moments & I love to talk about how much they've grown & changed.  

I talk a lot about how hard momming & wifing can be, but the joy trumps the hard & looking at these photos helps me to remember that.

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#2. It’s great quality time spent exploring as a family.

Whether you get there extra early.. okay, don't do that the kiddos will ruin their clothes.  Plan to stay late & take a walk through the grounds of wherever you're taking photos.  Photographers know of the best hidden gems when it comes to capturing perfect pics in the good 'ol outdoors. 

Our photographer brought us to the Mary Vagle Nature Center, which was actually really close to our house.  The kids & I will definitely be back to do some professional exploring, homeschool style.  It was the perfect spot, free of distractions, & is exactly what we had envisioned.

#3. Allow your family & friends use their gifts & talents.

I recently threw my hands up in the air to the heavens asking God, "Whyyyyyy, oh why??  Can't I do it all??".  Like, take beautiful photos myself or handmake my kids Halloween costumes..  Well first, there's only so much time in the day to do it 'all'.  

Second, I forced myself to look around at my community, full of true talent.  Some gifted with intellect & speech, others with tangible displays of their God given abilities.  God created us for Him & for one another, in his image, for each other.  I believe we were all created to help one another, with the gifts we were given.

#4. People love getting photos as gifts!

Or at least I know I love getting photos as gifts! I know the grandmas in our family love getting them too! In addition to Christmas cards, we love giving pictures as gifts.  Whether you buy a beautiful frame, or have your kiddos make a special 'Best Grandma in the World' one out of popsicle sticks, family members love getting photos as gifts.  It's like they wanted you on their wall, they just didn't have the energy to ask you for the photo & then actually head down to Walgreens to get it printed.  Forget a frame.  Okay, you get it, you've done the work for them.  

You could even get real crafty & make Christmas ornaments for everyone.  There's an endless amount of ways these could show up during Christmas, Mothers and/or Father's Day, as gifts.

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#5. It’s a timeline & proof that time flies when you have kids!

Just from the time I received these edited photos to now, I can already see changes in my littles' faces. These kids don't keep, but the pictures sure do and looking back at them is one of my all time favorite things to do.  

These were family moments frozen in time, that I can hold onto FOREVA!  For now, I love seeing how much growth has occurred in our families, all around.  All of that hard work is actually doing something mama, can you believe it?!

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Christmas cards have got to be THE greatest American holiday tradition.  It's kind of like saying, we made it through the year!!  and we wanted to share our best with you and yours.  If I can do anything this year, on time, it's going to be to get our Christmas cards!  

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