I’m excited to share five fun & flexible part time jobs for busy moms, that I’ve actually done myself!

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This was the second ever soccer game for my babe Uriah #soccermom

This was the second ever soccer game for my babe Uriah #soccermom

As I type this I’m cheering my son on at his second ever soccer game! He’s four years old & we adore him. 

This is a great example of how easy they’ve made it for moms to turn blogging into a career. You can blog from pretty much anywhere if you have a smart phone.  Probably why it’s becoming so popular in the mom community!  Thank you Squarespace blogging app for iPhone! 

I have been doing a ton of research on how to monetize my blog.  It’s not an easy feat, but there are so many helpful bloggers out there that will teach you how to monetize your blog, step x step.

Other helpful insight I gained while researching blog monetization was how to find flexible, part-time jobs! Things are changing with our shopping habits & a lot of companies are moving to e-commerce. There’s an endless amount of ways to earn an income from your home computer & even from your smart phones!

Honestly, I didn’t have the intention to jump into my car & start grocery shopping for people, it was mostly curiosity that got the best of me. Also, we’re a single income household, which I talk more about here, so anything helps!

Jobs #1 & #2 (below) came at the perfect time because I wanted to write a blog on how to earn money as a busy momma. So now I can tell you I’ve done all of these jobs myself! Also, I thought it would be good to finally kickstart our goals towards financial freedom.

Another reason I found these jobs, in particular, appeasing to our present season of life is because I homeschool. So I’m busy & I rarely get time to myself. These jobs allow me to get a break, while earning some extra fun money for my kiddos.

The very best part is that I get to choose the hours of all of these jobs.  Something I was never able to do as a full time working mom. It’s great that these kinds of jobs are opening up for people who need flexibility & some extra cash.  Getting out a few hours a week is fun & it feels good to be able to have some fun money for happy meals or an iced latte once in a while. 

If you’re looking for a flexible & fun part time job, I’m excited to share with you five ways I’m earning extra cash now.


Are you a teacher looking for extra income? Or a stay at home mama looking for some form of income? I get it, I’m always looking for ways to throw extra money at my student loans!

I saw another mom on Instagram sharing that she taught ESL in the mornings & I reached out to her & asked what that job was all about. Plus, I had seen other finance bloggers mention this company many times. As most of the jobs I mention below, curiosity got the best of me & wallah! I’m now a teacher for VIP Kid & looooooooove it!

This job has been just what I needed as far as extra income & helping us on our journey to debt freedom. It aligns perfectly with what I’ve been learning as a homeschool mama! The hours work great with my kids’ sleep schedule because when it’s our early mornings, it’s evening in China (I’m Pacific Standard Time).

What is VIP Kid you ask? It’s an online ESL teaching job that allows you to work from home in your pajama pants. No really, you get to sit behind your computer & interact with kids in China & teach them how to speak English!

You must have a degree & some teaching experience but they are extremely flexible when it comes to your experience. If you don’t have a teaching credential (I do not, but I’m thinking about getting one after my experiences with VIP Kid & homeschool), you can get a TESOL certification from them! That’s right, they will provide you with the classes/online portal to become certified in Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages. It did take some time, but I love that my brain is being clogged up by more knowledge! I loved learning about culture & language acquisition vs language learning. I was able to complete this & start teaching just in time for our new homeschool year to start!

For me, homeschooling qualified as my teaching experience on my application & I was surprised at how much I’ve learned about being a teacher, as a homeschool mom! I’ve been able to apply the knowledge to this new venture & I’m so grateful!

If you’re interested in teaching ESL & spreading cheer to kiddos in China, here’s the link to check it out & be sure to use my sign-up code: WAYNN0001

Happy teaching!

#2.  Doordash

*UPDATE: I no longer do Doordash, but it was a great opportunity!

This is where you pick up food from restaurants & deliver it to people’s houses.  When I found out about this job, I was more curious than anything.  Like really?  I can pick up hours anytime of the day & deliver food to people, all while staying close to home?  It sounded like this part time job that was too good to be true.  I went through the steps & got approved.  I needed a clean driving record & needed to clear a background check.  After I was cleared, I got my bag & card in about a week.  I then downloaded the Doordasher app & after activating my card, I was able to start dashing that day!  It’s been one of the funnest jobs I’ve ever had, like EVER.  The only downside is that it doesn't pay a whole lot.  The job is low stress & it’s extremely flexible so in my opinion, it’s worth the pay!  You can find out how to become a Doordasher by going here.

#3.  Instacart Shopper.

*UPDATE: I did Instacart for a short period of time & no longer have the time to do this, however it was a great opportunity at the time!

I now use Instacart to shop for my groceries & pay monthly. It’s saved me a ton of time & allowed me to press into other things! You can get $10 off by using this link. (note: I get $10 off too if you use my link, so thank you!)

Similar to the way I felt about being a Doordasher, is this job really too good to be true?  It has to be stress free I mean you’re really only shopping for people’s groceries & delivering them to their houses right?  I’m a professional grocery shopper being that we’re a family of five.  Easy peasy?  Yes & no.  You are shopping for people’s groceries & delivering them to their houses, but you’re on a time clock!  The customer is guaranteed their groceries in a certain amount of time so you’re being timed.  For someone with anxiety, it’s easy to stress about this part of the job.  The good part is they tell you how you can increase your metrics the next time around.    Like Doordash, it doesn’t pay a whole lot, but if you work more hours & get bigger orders it’s great extra cash!  Like becoming a Doordasher, you have to have a clean driving record & clear a background check.  The Instacart app is super user friendly & I made it into a game & tried to get out of the store as fast as I could, so it was fun overall!  You can find out how to become an Instacart shopper by going here.

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#3.  Offer a product or service.

WE SELL GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS! I talk about how I got started & share our screen printing equipment here!

This one takes more planning & a little investment but with all of the platforms available, makes it easier to promote.  In order to buy tees you need an EIN # & resellers license.  If you’re not in need of fast cash, while you’re waiting for your tees to sell, it’s fun & a great way to make & design your own clothes! 

Surprisingly enough, this was another idea I read about when researching how to monetize my blog.  It all kind of happened at the same time, I had started blogging & designing tee shirts & then I saw this & thought, it must be a sign from the Lord!  It was like I was asking how & what to do with my writing & desire to design graphic t-shirts & He was answering all of my many questions.

More than anything, we enjoy wearing the tees & we’re doing it for a ‘cause.  Proceeds from some of the tees support non-profits. 

Benevolence has been a big part of my brand.  After I started staying home I wanted to give women a bag of hope for Christmas (feminine gifts they could enjoy) & wasn’t sure how to raise the funds, other than to ask for things.  Women rallied together & we overfilled 6 bags for homeless women.  Only by God’s grace could this have happened!  So I take that experience & push forward, believing in my dreams & the dreams of the hard workin’ mommas around me.

Selling tee shirts has provided an action plan & a desire of my momma heart to try & support mutilple causes. 

It’s taken about six months to get this part of my business up & running but it’s been so worth it! My husband has learned a new skill & it was a labor of love for sure!  We love the tees we sell & wear them everywhere.  They send a positive & encouraging message & are SUPER DUPER stylish & comfy.  You can find my shop here.

I just did a giveaway on my instagram & it was fun to connect with a lot of new faces!  It’s been a great way to bring people back to the blog, where I talk a little about my faith & a lot about motherhood.  Be sure to stay connected & find out about our next giveaway by filling out the subscription box below!

We have this station


shop the image

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#4.  I’m a blogger.

This is probably the hardest platform to make extra money.  But consistency is key & once you get the SEO portion down (which may be a lifelong learning experience for me), then you’re good to go!  You can take a course on how to become a blogger, here.  One thing I love about blogging is that it has a lot of potential.  Also it’s a platform where I can build my brand by sharing what God is doing in my life & hopefully encourage people to follow the call on their own lives!!  I also love to write.  I think it’s important to have something that fuels you & writing does that for me.

It requires me to wake up early & I love that it pushes me in other areas of my life.  It doesn’t interfere with homeschool or being present with my family because I can do it whenever it fits into my busy mom life.  Or at least I try not to let it interfere, progress over perfection in this area!  It’s extremely flexible & the perfect work-at-home job for moms or anyone looking to earn an income & flex their entrepreneurial muscles!   Although it’s a more difficult way to make money fast, there is potential in earning affiliate commissions, advertising, selling an e-book or offering a service.  I talk all about blogging here

#5.  I do affiliate marketing.

Although this kind of coincides with blogging you can do affiliate marketing through Pinterest too.  It’s important to find out what the requirements & restrictions are of the affiliate company you’re working with, but this is becoming a big thing on Pinterest. 

For example, a fashion blogger would put a photo up of the product they’re promoting & attach an affiliate link to that photo.  So when you clicked on it you would be re-directed to that particular website if you were interested in that product. 

I don’t have a ton of extra time, but this is something I do whenever I can.  It is best to have high quality photos, be accepted by the affiliate companies you want to work with & take time to pull the links from the affiliate’s website.  If you have these capabilities, it’s a great way to earn extra money!  I mention all of the companies I’m an affiliate for here.

One way I plan to earn cash in the future is to write for other blogs.  Here is a blog that lists 25 websites that pay moms to write for them.

One site that has helped me learn how to save money & earn extra cash from home is the Tried & True Mom Jobs Blog, she explains everything from meal planning to jobs you can start from home, today.

I hope you find this blog post helpful!  If you have any ideas on how to make an extra income from home, or have a part-time job idea that’s flexible, please mention it in the comments below!  You’ll be helping us all out!

disclaimer:  there are affiliate links included in this post.  If you happen to make a purchase by visiting the links in this post, it may result in a small commission to me.

With grace & coffee,


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