Here are a list of some things I do when I’m not feeling my ‘best’ or when I’m unable to think clearly.

Note, I’m not a professional, just a busy momma!

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Motherhood has thrown me all kinds of curveballs.  About 5 or so months into my first pregnancy, I found out my first was terminally ill.  If we were lucky, she’d make it to term.  But the chances of her making it to her first birthday were only about 1%.  Emotions ran high during my first pregnancy & between grief & hormones, I was a hot mess all throughout her first birthday.  Being without her on her first birthday was probably my lowest low & possibly one of the worst time of my entire life.  I probably should also mention she lived about 3 weeks & then passed away in her daddy’s arms.  Sigh.  

Remembering this helps with perspective in my day to day highs & lows.  I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful life I’ve been given but not naive to the hardships we all sometimes face. 

Having ‘healthy’ babes has been an absolute blessing & expecting the unexpected, even with healthy babes, has been the common theme.  For example, I thought I’d stop working when I had kids, but I worked & went to school full time with my first two.  It was hard, yet so rewarding for the beliefs I had about myself prior to that season of my life.  I thought I’d have natural births (like no medicine), ha!!  I had an epidural twice & missed it my 3rd time around, ouch!  Another example of this is how I’d thought it’d get easier.  My son was an easy baby & then decided somewhere between terrific twos & threes that he wanted to do everything himself.  Like pour his own milk & tie his own shoes.  Then four happened & he decided that some days he couldn’t even walk on his own two legs.  Insert mom shrugging her shoulders emoji here.   

I never had actually ‘dealt’ with the loss of my first properly.  I went from one job to another, workaholicing my way through the pain.  I had four kids in SIX years & at one point had three kids, three & under.  There was no time to feel pain.  I was busy in the mundane moving from one task to another.  I read ‘Present Over Perfect’ & it was like a blueprint of the way I’d been living.  I cried a few good times while listening to it.  It helped me understand why I had been making all of my life choices & how in turn, I was choosing to opt out of my feelings.  Why I was suffering from SEVERE vertigo, why working felt so good & being at her gravesite felt like self-inflicted torture.   

So here I am, still curious about why things will never be perfect, why some days I feel like Wonderwoman & others like Pee Wee Herman.  And why sometimes, even in the midst of all of my blessings, I still can feel blue.  

I think the short answer is that I will always need self-care or soul-care.  It’s not something I spend a lot of money on, in fact, the list I’m sharing is mostly things you can do for free.  

The longer answer of why life can’t ever feel ‘perfect’ I think can be found in Genesis when Eve ate the apple.  I think it’s my genetic need to be relying on Him even in the mundane.   

Being aware of this helps me to remember to pray, to worship & to read.  I’m not an expert on self-care, Christianity, parenting or anything else for that matter.  Just an expert on needing faith, needing grace, needing grit & sometimes needing some chocolate once in a while, ha!  

With all of this being said, taking better care of my body, can be the answer to a more clear mind.  Once I have a more clear mind I can become more aware of why I feel ‘off’ & I can start to plan & execute better.  And sometimes, the only thing standing between me & a good mood is a big glass of water, a healthy meal & some extra sleep.


Here’s a list of 25 things you can do when you’re feeling blue & today, I’ll pick a few: 

  1. Drink more water.

  2. Eat a healthy meal.

  3. Try to take a 15 minute break & do nothing. Maybe even take a more extended break from social media.

  4. Go to bed early tonight.

  5. Wake up early tomorrow morning.

  6. Do a brain dump in a notebook.

  7. Write a journal entry.

  8. Read a devotion.

  9. Say a gratitude prayer. Or simply pray.

  10. Write 5 things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal.

  11. Pick up a good book & read a few pages.

  12. Listen to a book on Audible.

  13. Listen to an inspirational podcast.

  14. Write down 5 goals.

  15. Brainstorm what it would look like to accomplish those goals.

  16. Plan a family vacay, even if it’s local & inexpensive.

  17. Call, text, or write a letter to a friend and/or family member & let them know how much you appreciate them!

  18. Take a warm bath or shower.

  19. Take a brisk walk.

  20. Buy the person, in line behind you, a coffee.

  21. Pick an organization near & dear to your heart & donate.

  22. Eat some chocolate.

  23. Turn on worship music & dance with your babes. Babes are sleeping? Dance by yourself!

  24. Get some workout clothes on & try to workout.

  25. Ask for help.

Becoming a blogger was an answer to prayer for me.  It’s been so rewarding in a sense that it’s kind of like an online journal.  

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Allowing myself to accept grace on the long days is what helps me push through.  2 Corinthians 12:9   I hope that you’ll find this list simple enough & helpful enough to have a more positive outlook on life!  I plan to do 3-4 of them today.  I know these seem obvious but sometimes it’s nice to have a list of options when I don’t have any more energy to think properly.

I know life can sometimes feel like too heavy a burden to bare, finding a tribe that can understand is also really helpful!  I’m learning to be unapologetic about caring for myself.  It’s helped me be in pursuit of a more purpose driven life.  So grace y’all!

With grace & coffee,



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