I’m sharing 25 super frugal things you can implement this week to save hundreds throughout the year.

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It’s never too early or late in the year to start thinking about ways to save money for Christmas gifts, decor, party gear or whatever else is on your holiday wish list. Matter of fact, the more intentional I am with saving for Christmas, the more I realize handmade gifts & the time spent with family invaluable, ha!

Or if you’re like us & striving for financial peace, I’m hoping these are some money saving strategies that you haven’t thought of yet & can try this week, into the month & hopefully witness a huge difference over the course of the year! I’ll be using every last one this week! Or at least working my best to be intentional with what we already have in our home.

I’m learning that finding money (in our budget, or in our pantry!) is sometimes easier than spending my precious time on trying to earn more money, just to spend it all again. Although earning money has its perks! I share some momma side hustle ideas, here. Buying new stuff with our hard earned cash also has its own benefits, but Christmas & financial freedom remember? Oh year. Plus, less waste can hopefully mean less stress on our lives & the environment. Taking time to use what we have, instead of looking to acquire more, has also helped me acquire a desire for minimalism & in turn, gratitude & content. This has been an ongoing transition, paired with feat & failure, some days easier than others. Overall, I love how motherhood has sent me on a quest for gratitude.

Initially, I had a hard time with frugal living because it’s not really the lifestyle I envisioned, but this season of my life is calling for much more discipline & strategic financial planning. Plus, when I realized that there are other benefits, such as health & helping the environment, I knew it was a path to consider.

I am nowhere near a master at money saving or how to live a frugal life, as a matter of fact, we recently moved & I found myself ordering boxes of paper towels & toilet paper only to find some in the garage that hadn’t been unpacked yet (see #4).

Grace y’all. This week I’ll be using all of these money saving tips below, myself! I’ll possibly do an updated blog post on my progress, in the near future, so sign up for my newsletter at the end of this post!

If you have any helpful money saving tips, please share them in the comments below.

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Here are 25 super frugal ways to save:

  1. Only wash what’s really dirty & put away clothes that aren’t. This will save money on laundry soap (which can get pretty expensive!). It’s also a great ways to help the environment & hello, save TIME! Can all the mommas say amen?!

  2. Don’t wash your hair every day, this will save you money on shampoo, water & hopefully save your hair & body from toxins.

  3. Ask for hand-me-downs, this helps with the environment by reducing waste & could save hundreds on seasonal clothes for the kiddos. I know people host clothing swaps & you could search Facebook for one in your area.

  4. Don’t buy paper goods (paper towels, paper plates, etc). Hello environmentalist!! This could ultimately cost more on dish soap, but over time, will more than likely help save money.

  5. Open the windows at night & turn off the air. This saves us so much money on our electric bill at the end of the month & hundreds over the course of the year. It only works well in the cooler months because it can cost more to try & cool down the home on those warmer evenings.

  6. Clean out your medicine cabinet & use what you have. I bet you’ll find three bottles of Tylenol, oops! Been there, done that. Take that off of your shopping list!

  7. Clean out your pantry & fridge & use what you have. You’d be surprised at how dinner prep was waiting for you in your cabinets!

  8. Clean out all of your bins (cleaning, toys, hats underwear & socks, etc) & use what you have. I share five tips on how to declutter, in this blog post.

  9. Clean out your bathroom toiletries & use what you have. I’m often surprised by how many toilet bowl cleaners I have. My friend wrote a blog post on making your own natural, household cleaner, here.

  10. Eat beans & rice as sides for the week. Switch up your white rice with a recipe idea I share in this blog post. Bonus would be to add lettuce & chicken, for an extra healthy, budget friendly & lunch and/or dinner idea, that you can meal plan! Sorry for that long ‘ol sentence.

  11. Pack yourself a breakfast & lunch. I give two meal prep options, in this post & in this post.

  12. Brew your own coffee. We used to be Starbucks fanatics & this one tip, has changed our financial freedom game!

  13. Try to eat in all week & put yourself on a budget when eating out.

  14. Eat ALL of your leftovers. Not having to wash pans AGAIN, encourages us to eat ours.

  15. Fill up the dishwasher all of the way. If you’re a minimalist & need your dishes, I suggest washing them & leaving them to dry. Running a dishwasher, half empty uses a lot of water, power & soap, over time.

  16. Download the Ibotta app, make a quick $10 & scan your receipts for applicable items to earn a few more!

  17. Make a list for groceries, skim the local ads & try your best to stick to that handy dandy list. See #7 before making your list! Alexa will make a list for you, which keeps on your phone. I talk about all of my mommy must haves in this blog post. But don’t visit that blog, ‘cause we’re trying to save money here, remember? This is a big game changer when you can’t find your phone or a pen & paper. We’re not great at sticking to our lists, especially when it’s around the holidays at Trader Joes. Hello Pumpkin Joe Joe’s! But this week is different!

  18. Make a list for household items & stick to it. Do #8 & 9 before making your list. You may not need anything after all. See why I think Amazon prime is a great way to save on household items, here.

  19. Shop online & avoid impulse buys from Target.

  20. If you’re making a big purchase, or shopping online, leave your cart overnight & come back the next day to decide if it’s something you really need.

  21. Only buy what’s on sale & in season at the store. Ditch the snacks & soda & drink more water. I share 5 busy momma health tips, from a wannabe healthy momma, here.

  22. Buy frozen fruits & veggies. The kiddos love frozen blueberries as a snack, they last longer, are less expensive & possibly more nutritious.

  23. Don’t do unnecessary driving. I often find that filling up my gas tank can start to chip away at our bank account quickly! When I’m intentional with my driving, I can conserve gas & this also helps with the environment & car maintenance.

  24. Make your own pizza, baked goods and/or anything that you can use the ingredients over & over again. For example, pizza sauce will last us 3-4 times & we refrigerate for conservation, along with the cheese, spinach & pepperoni. You could also plan another meal, with similar ingredients for later in the week.

  25. Get creative to earn some extra money to stash away in savings. Here is a blog that lists 16 high paying apps.

You can learn to make & sell something to earn some extra income from home, I talk about my side hustles here. We sell graphic tees to earn extra income. You can shop them here!

Matthew 6:34 helped me declutter my home recently.  & then declutter again & again, ha!  It’s progress, right friends?!  From childhood experiences, I developed a sense of ‘scarcity’ & I often held onto things ‘just in case’.  The truth, I was holding onto those things because of fear.  This scripture (above) helps me day x day determine what’s important & what to let go of.  The most important part of the scripture, in my opinion, is when it says, “each day has enough trouble of its own.”.  Yes, sometimes our financial situations can be scary.  However, putting our trust into God & not into money, is key.

Grace has allowed me to pull up my bootstraps & focus on intentionality.   Asking for & seeking wisdom have been extremely important factors in our financial journey & how I’ve come to writing this blog post!  So take it from a momma who’s been there, who is there, who is doing this hands-on, & plans to be learning for the rest of her lifetime! 

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Another theme that kept coming up when reading up on frugal living & writing this post, was the environment.  If you’re not gonna wash your hair for money saving purposes, do it for the environment, ha!  This was HUGE considering we’re a homeschooling family & teaching my kids conservation can start with me!   

I think frugal people tend to consider the tiniest details that can make a significant difference over time.  Everyone’s goals are different, another important consideration.  I also find that when kids are sick or we’re overwhelmed with our hectic schedules, eating out is non-negotiable.

I’m relatively new to learning how to pinch our pennies & most of these ideas have come from reading other blogs.  I’ve started to apply them to our own home & I can tell you from experience that laundry soap seems to be lasting longer!  Which basically means, details matter!  We are a homeschooling family of five & I stay home with my kids & blog.  We are a single income family & this in itself has its challenges. 

I share 5 ways I’m earning income, as a stay at home mom, in this blog post.

Not perfect at money savings, investing or saving for the kids’ college, but progress people (I tell myself)!  Looking at the ‘bigger’ picture & maybe even writing it down, helps when making ‘smaller’ decisions like eating rice & beans again, ha!

Happy saving!!

With grace & coffee,


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