If you’re trying to clear the clutter in your home, like me, & are trying to stay away from buying toys this Christmas, I’m giving you 29 non toy gift ideas to get the kids in your family this Christmas.

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I've had intense wanderlust lately.  When life gets too chaotic I often want to get away.  It's okay as long as I'm not trying to avoid the chaos, right?  Ha!  All joking aside, it's nice to get away from the busyness of mom life, once in a while.  I love that my husband & I have been exchanging gifts for a trip to our family's favorite place!!  We recently chose a family camping night & Legoland adventure as our 10 year anniversary gift to each other.  We made memories that we'll never forget, as a family of five, together.  Maybe our kids won't remember (because they're little, ha!), but it's been stored away in my momma memory bank.  

Instead of wishing we had money for this or that, to go here or go there, I decided that we'll have to allocate our funds better & more intentionally.  Plus, we could all benefit from a trip to the museum.  Giving experiences, instead of toys, forces me to be more intentional with our family time too.  So nothing against toys here, just sharing some alternative options when considering what to buy your kiddos this Christmas.  

Here are some photos from our Carlsbad vacay

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With all of that being said, as a busy mom blogger, I'm constantly trying to find toys that entertain my kids for longer periods of time & help dissipate the guilt of writing instead of catering to them every second of the day.  This is before & after homeschool of course.  They're getting older & actually prefer to play alone, on most days.  My two year old still thinks momma is her best friend & inseparable partner in crime, but I'm okay with that, 'cause it won't be like this for long.

best non toy Christmas gifts for kids

As a homeschool mom it's apparent that learning comes in many forms.  Kids come into the world like sponges, putting their fingers into little holes, trying to figure out which thing does what.  They're always looking for exploration opportunities, sometimes at the expense of a brand new roll of toilet paper or sissy's new paints.  There's no denying that toys are engineered to help kids learn & develop but sometimes I find myself drowning in all of the toys.   I'm working on a less is more mentality, in all areas of our lives, especially our toys boxes, ha!

If you're looking for some helpful money saving tips, I share some tips here.  

Toys are great gift ideas but I think it's extremely important my kids know there is a cost to playing sports, learning to play instruments & learning a different languages.  These opportunities are not presented to everyone.  We live in a culture of abundance so it's easy, especially for me, to adopt a 'deserving' mentality.  Like my kids deserve to play sports, but really it's a gift for all of us to be able to participate.  Giving lessons & sporting equipment, as gifts, helps us all to understand that they're just that, gifts!!

My kids are ages 2, 4 & 6.  Most of these items would be most suited for school-aged children.  I'll be coming out with a blog post for toddler items, so sign up for my newsletter at the end of this blog post & stay tuned!  These gifts are good for birthdays too!  We've used our Legoland passes as gifts for everyone, throughout the year.  An adventure a few cities away never seems to disappoint, plus gas is a gift too, lol.

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Here is a list I've compiled of 29 non-toy gifts ideas for kids:

1.  Movie tickets

2.  Art classes 

3.  Art supplies

4.  Furniture and/or something they have been wanting for their room  My daughter wants a desk like this one.  I also found this one, for the littles.

5.  Extra-curricular activity tuitions

6.  Extra-curricular supplies (soccer balls, tap & ballet shoes, etc)  

7.  Fishing equipment 

8.  Their own camping equipment (flash light, small camping lounge chair, hiking boots, etc) & reserving a camping site for a future date.  Or let them camp out in their room!  

9.  Annual National Park pass

10.  Annual theme park pass

This site will help you shop for all kinds of family fun.  It's basically a one-stop-shop for travel.  

11.  Music lessons

12.  Instruments for the music lessons

13.   Museum entry passes

14.  Tickets to the aquarium

15.  Tickets to their local indoor playground

16.  Gift cards for Chuck E Cheese ('cause we never get to go!  but they love it!)

17.  Hiking lessons, fishing or recreational lessons

18.  Foreign language lessons and/or classes

19.  Puzzles and/or board games

20.  Cooking classes

21.  Kitchen supplies that they can call their own

22.  abcmouse.com membership or learning website subscription

23.  Science subscription kit

24.  Book and/or magazine subscription

25.  An audible membership so they can listen to books

26.  Echo dot  so they can hear their audible books & start asking Alexa everything under the sun & give you a break, ha!

27. Lego subscription boxes 

28.  Gift cards for their favorite places to eat   

29.  Batteries 'cause it'll be like Christmas when they put batteries in their old toys, ha!

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I hope you find this list valuable when shopping for the little ones in your life this holiday season.  My kids love toys, but these are meaningful gifts that they can enjoy through the holiday season & all year long!  Plus Legos & kid camping equipment are basically toys.  So if you're on the fence of non-toy options, these would be great starting points.  Lego subscriptions allow you to send them back when the kiddos are done & recycling them is helpful for the environment.  With the camping equipment, they can get creative & campout in the backyard, the garage or their room & what kid doesn't like a flashlight??

If you're looking for a gift for the busy mommas in your life or are a busy momma & need some gift ideas, I wrote on article on busy mom must haves here.

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