I took January & February to rest! As I’m writing this post, it’s March 1st! We are looking forward to our girls’ birthdays this month + Spring. Can all my snowed in mamas say amen?!

We started our small shop in September, that was both exciting & nerve wracking! The excitement wore me out, ha! But I’m back & excited to talk about my passionate pursuit of all things homeschool + graphic tees.

As our days fill up with just those two things, I’m realizing how crucial time management is! This year I’ve chosen to schedule my time around two values, wisdom + trust. I’m really focusing on personal development + relationship, through God’s grace. I’m not perfect & there are days I feel like the ceiling is falling in on us. However, as long as I keep reminding myself of these values then I can re-center my heart & my head around them & forget the rest!

For example, in order to teach, I need to gain wisdom, in order to gain wisdom I need to read, in order to focus on what I’m reading, I need to make sure I’m rested. So health, homeschool & reading all actually take precedence & lead back to my values. Whew, hope this makes sense!

Also, I’m always reminding myself that, in the end, it’s about His plan + purpose for me. With that being said, I’m His daughter & believe He cares about my dreams (see Proverbs 16:9 & John 14:14).


I love the time saving tips that some of my gal pals are sharing below! I've used some of these myself & I hope you’re encouraged by their productivity tips as well!

Reading suggestions: The Business Boutique & Dare to Lead are books I recently finished that helped me understand + prioritize my time, based on my values. I’m currently reading It’s Okay Not to be Okay & it’s really helping me accept grace when I feel like I can’t do it all. She says, ‘we weren’t meant to do it all.’ (not exact quote) & I’m finding so much peace in that!

Alyssa says, “A planner, both hard copy and app. I block out chunks of time, color code them and try to stick to them as much as I can. I block out everything from the times I spend with Kinsley to the time I will be working to the time that I do household things like prep/cook dinner. I’m a big list maker too, so I use Wunderlist (app) to make a checklist of things I need to get done and prioritize them after I break them into two categories: Family and Work (I’m a freelance writer/social media coordinator). Under my work category, I then break it down into clients/projects and under Family I break it down into things like grocery lists/monthly meals/play days/activities, etc. You can set reminders and deadlines or share the lists with others so that hubby/coworkers can collaborate with you, too, if need be.”

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Lydia says, “My best time management skill is using naptime to get things done. That's my most productive time of day.”

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Ashley says, “Lists!!! I am constantly making lists of things I need to get done / new ideas, adding things on as I think of them and then checking them off as I complete them - however long it takes. Helps me stay focused and productive when I do have an extra couple of minutes throughout the day and actually getting things done during those times instead of using those couple of free minutes to think of things to do...and then running out of time before I actually do them, haha.”

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Kate says, “I like to write down all the things that I would like to get done in a particular week before the week starts. And then divvy up each task for a specific day. I think I also communication with your husband about the time that you may need alone, whether it may be in the evenings or sometime during the day away from the kids. Also to swallow the frog first. The frog is anything that you have to do but you really really don’t want to do it, those things that are annoying or uncomfortable or that you just hate doing. You’ll feel so much better and have a freer mind to do the other things you enjoy if you don’t have any of that looming over you.”

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Melissa says, “Prioritizing my time, I prefer to write or type it out so I can visually see it daily. Understanding what’s important and what can wait.”

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Allison says, “I plan my day the night before. I calendar in self care like the gym and massage and I treat it like an appointment. I also get up before the kids and that is my tea and reading/prayer/meditation/affirmation time. Some days 5:30 and some days 6. I find that getting up earlier on my terms and getting that time sets the right tone. It also means I go to be at 9:30.

I also like the app called Things. You can categorize right now lists, this year, some day, and customize. It's simple clean and easy to track.”

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Becca at my joyful moment time management tips.png

Becca says, “Stop and pray about it. Scheduling your week, month, year? Stop and pray about it! Working on some content? Stop and pray about it! About to cry over your kid’s spilled milk, again? Stop and pray about it!"

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Ashley says, “I like to do batch work. So if I’m working on admin stuff, so as much admin as possible in that block of time and not get bogged down on random things that pop up. I’ve learned that the brain actually is more successful at unitasking than multitasking. We think we get more done doing 3 or 4 things at once but really it exhausts our brain faster and we become scatter brained. We are more productive when we do one task at a time and move on. That’s just what works for me!”

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Rebecca says, “Time blocking - being aware of what you need to get done that day and blocking out time to do it. Even sitting down to eating! For example: if nap time is 1-3 typically, I reserve that time to eat lunch and get client or blog work done. Bedtime is 730, so from 745-9 I know I have that time to do whatever else I “need to get done” without being bothered by my kid, like folding laundry or dishes or picking up the living room. So if I know I have a “set time” to do a certain thing, it makes it a lot less stressful!”

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Happy planning!

With grace & coffee,