I want to live an encouraged life. That’s my goal here on the blog! I started making graphic tees in hopes to share my journey of living encouraged in motherhood. I’ve been feeling discouraged lately & knew I needed to to step away from social media & really, really, really re-cetner myself. Overall, the short hiatus was worth it. I finished an audio book & tried my best to be present & just enjoy life!

Between homeschool, keeping up with a house, trying to stay healthy, be the best wifey possible, etc etc etc, I often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to be all the ‘things’ & do all the ‘things’. Especially do them well.

Books have really helped me change my mindset lately. I recently read in ‘Girl Stop Apologizing’ by Rachel Hollis that it’s not that we don’t have enough time to achieve our goals, it’s that we’re choosing to fill up our days with the wrong things. So I decided that instead of mindless scrolling I’m going to be more intentional about making a schedule & do the things that are important to me, including rest. Also including social media, but with intentionality because I’ll admit I go on to do one thing & then bam, rabbit hole & a whole hour later!

Can I also emphasize rest because for me, the gap between LIVING ENCOURAGED & feeling discouraged, is as simple as a good night’s rest!

Can I also talk about grace for a moment? It’s the only way to live encouraged! It’s such an important factor in my life because on the days I can’t do & be all the things, I’m still valuable & important. I used to find value in the my accomplishments & I’m leaning into the freedom that I’m Chosen, Royal, Holy & Special, outside of my works (see 1 Peter 2:9).

I’m actually an advocate of social media. I’m a small business owner & I actually need social media so it’s not a matter of can I live without it. It’s a matter of being disciplined in the way I use it.

I should also mention this blog post is coming to you post a recent Instagram break. So my perspective is that of someone who needed to take a break, took the break & am thankful for the break. It allowed me to re-prioritize & re-strategize. What I came to realize about Instagram is that I was living life on it. Also, instead of using it for community & marketing, I was using it for affirmation & home decor ideas when I don’t even own a home. Sigh. Still fun to look at, ain’t no denying that! & can’t a mama still dream?! Yes, but not when my kids need to be fed & my budget needs to be made.

My point, I love the ‘gram but I highly suggest Instagram breaks, social media fasting, or whatever else you would call it. I’m sharing some good replacements to Instagram. These activities help to re-energize my creative levels & gain perspective on my goals.

Here are some other self-care (or soul-care) activities that help as well!

You can find an entire blog post on time management here.

So Instagram is great, but I feel as though I’ve been playing around since the New Year & I’m determined to finally get on a schedule & down to business.

37 Activities to do instead of Instagram.jpg


In my journal.

A blog post.

You can read more about my blogging journey here.

A prayer list.

As I was reading ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’, the author mentioned writing down the ‘people’ you’re thankful for & praying over the list. Genius! I know this sounds like an obvious thing to do, but #mombrain nothing is obvious these days, lol!

A gratitude list.

A budget.


My home.

You can read my blog post all about that here.

My phone.

My car


For your day.

For your family.

For your friends.

For our country.

For all the children of the world.

Just pray girl.


To an audiobook.

To my kids.

To my husband.

To my family.

To a podcast.

To worship music.


A book.

The Bible.

A blog post.

A magazine.


At the park.

At the gym.

With my hubby.

With my kids.

With paint.

Be Present.

As always, preaching to the choir! I do want to share the things that help me LIVE ENCOURAGED because as a mama of littles I can easily fall into the ‘why me’ trap. And my issues with social media have nothing to do with the apps or the developers, but rather a matter of my heart. It can easily come from a heart of discontent & my struggle with comparison, BUT GRACE. Stepping outside of the squares & into the words of scripture helped me re-center my heart towards Him & step back into the squares with an encouraged heart!

So my plan is to take a social media break once in a while to smell flowers, watch butterfly wings flap in the fresh air, ocean waves crash & realize being PRESENT IS THE GREATEST GIFT life has to offer. Motherhood has allowed me to see life so differently! Mom life makes me gritty. It makes me not want to settle for discouraged, but rather to LIVE ENCOURAGED & for that, I’m forever & ever & EVER GRATEFUL!!

With grace & coffee,


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