We’re on budget & trying to save money any way we can! I started a graphic t-shirt shop & feel like it’s a dream come true! But with the dream comes some added costs. I’m dedicated to finding extra money in our family budget, so I can continue to live out my small shop dreams! You can find all of our cute & comfy graphic t-shirts here!

You can find all of our money saving tips & some of our financial freedom story in these blog posts. We’ve taken Dave Ramsey’s advice & jumped on the beans & rice diet. Here are 2 things I’ve learned about this diet; a. it’s actually easy & delicious & b. it really is cost-friendly meal planning. So Dave Ramsey, thanks for the mealtime budget tips!

Meal planning tip:

I cook our beans in a crockpot for the week & our Spanish rice usually on Monday. We use many variations such as adding fish or another protein. We like to make bean & cheese burritos & the list goes on! Sign up for our e-mail list at the end of this post & be sure to stay up to date on our recipes, t-shirt sales & so much more! The rice & beans last us until about Wednesday & sometimes longer! I cook 2 cups of rice & I’ll share the rest of the recipe here;

easy spanish rice side recipe.jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:

Oil // we prefer coconut but any will do!

Rice // we prefer Jasmine, but any kind of white rice will do!

Canned // Diced tomatoes or tomato sauce (we use 1/2 can)

Chicken seasoning // we use the organic free range chicken liquid broth concentrate (sigh) from Sprouts Farmers Market

Seasonings // garlic powder, salt & pepper

Garnish // 1/4 c cilantro & 1/4 large or 1/2 small onion



Step 1

Heat 2 T oil in pan on medium

Step 2

Add 2 c of rice (or whatever portion you prefer, note: my receipt is for 2 cups)

Toss in pan until light brown

Step 3

Add 1/4 large onion (1/2 if smaller onion)

Toss in pan until glossy

Step 4

Rice should be fully brown by now. Add in 1/2 can tomato or tomato sauce & stir into rice & onion.

Step 5

Add 4 cups of water. You’ll want to double the portion of water for whatever amount of rice you’re cooking (ex: I’m cooking 2 cups of rice here so I’ll need to add 4 cups of water).

Step 6

Stir all ingredients together.

Step 7

Add seasonings // garlic powder salt, pepper, chicken broth & cilantro, stir.

Step 8

Bring everything to a boil.

Step 9

Add 1/2 bag of frozen veggies.

Step 10

Lower heat to lowest & cook for 15-20 minutes more until rice is done. Check @ 10 minutes.

Step 11


Thanks to my mama for the recipe. I used to think I needed to cook everything exactly as I was taught. As I’m in the kitchen more & more, I’m learning that it’s all about creativity!

I need to get creative for so many reasons; #momlife & changing tastebuds, #budgetlife & because who wants to run to the store with 3 small kiddos for 1 ingredient?!

Eating healthy & staying on budget definitely requires some planning & prep! But in my opinion it’s always worth it! I’m a work in progress on the planning, but progress over perfection, always!

So if you everything except frozen veggies I would say skip ‘em & just make the rice. If you have garlic salt instead of garlic powder & salt, use what you have. If you only have fresh tomatoes, dice those babies up & put them in the the blender, or dice them up & thrown them in! Making the recipe your own is where the joy's at! Cooking is so much fun & I’m learning that rules make is less fun, lol!

I hope this side dish recipe helps you stick to your budget & as delicious as you’d hoped!

I’m a big advocate for using what you have to make simple, healthyish & delicious meals!

I have small kiddos with super sensitive taste buds & I share a Chipotle lime rice inspired recipe in this blog post!

With grace & coffee!


We recently switched to these plates to save money on paper goods! We looooove them except they're not microwave friendly. But work great for us nonetheless!

We use these plates for the kiddos & they loooooove them!

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