I’ve been on a quest for change lately! If you’ve been following the blog, you may have noticed I’ve adopted some ‘minimalist’ mindset shifts. But let’s be real, if minimalism was some sort of a club & I had to apply, by no means would they take me lol!

I can’t remember where I heard it, but I think there are some extreme minimalists who don’t have televisions.

If I were to become an extreme minimalist, my husband would never forgive me for getting rid of our tv’s, lol!

Let’s just say I’m on a quest for less!

Some notes about change + a closet challenge //

First, change is never easy (at least for me it hasn’t been!). Second, the beginning stages of change are usually really messy (insert house demo, pantry clean out, moving!). Third, positive change is 100% worth the mess + the struggle!

Speaking of change! I’ve started a no spend closet challenge on my Instagram! I’d love you to grab a goal, make up some rules & join me.

I had been thinking of how I could become more creative with my wardrobe rather than buy more & then I heard a podcast episode that encouraged me to go for it! It was a podcast episode that talked about waste & mentioned clothing! I then read that 26 billion pounds of clothes will get thrown away this year & I think this # only includes Americans.

I’m not an expert & I won’t go into detail but you can read the article that mentions that statistic here.

If you’re wondering if the challenge is still happening as you’re reading this post, I bet it is. I’m challenging myself for an entire YEAR. Yes, 365 days! …to not buy any new clothing. I love fashion + clothes + shoes + handbags, but my bank account does not like those things, lol! So here’s to challenging myself to spend less + be more creative with what we have. I’m hoping it’ll be more of a habit than a challenge after a year!

& if you’re worried about change, don’t be! There’s always more on the other side of less!

Onto more exciting things, like paper towels! #adulting #momlife

I had to decide recently if we’d continue to buy paper towels.

A few things I asked myself;

q: are they convenient?

a: yes.

q: are they affordable?

a: not really.

q: are they eco-friendly?

a: not sure.

I did a quick google search & you can compost your paper towels, but not if they’ve been soiled with chemicals (for those of you wanting to know lol!). Okay, every single paper towel I’ve used has had some sort of something on it. So probably not enviro-friendly on our part, but don’t seem like a huge threat to the environment either. Whatever the case, we cut them out of the budget & haven’t looked back.

Can I talk about the mom struggle for a sec? If you’re not on the eco-bus & you’re reading this post, you may see it as yet another to-do. In addition to saving the planet, these swaps have also saved us a ton of money!

So there are added benefits! But I really do hope that we all believe our world is worth the small investment, effort & intention some small changes could really make!

What forced the change in our home? Happy you asked! (can I pretend for a hot second you asked, lol!)

It was motherhood that helped me think about the future of my kids & grandkids.

It was Earth Day that forced me to see that we only get one planet.

It was homeschool that shed light on recycling & how most of what we sent to the center doesn’t make the cut. Nor do we give half of our stuff a chance because we throw it in the trash instead of the recycle. Not saying this to make anyone feel guilty (I’m so guilty of this!).

So friends, that’s how I got here.

The tees we sell on our website are eco-friendly & you can find out more about the Bella + Canvas brand here.

Between my intentions & the wealth of information on the internet I’m having faith I’m off to a good start & also know I have a long road ahead of me!

First, we switched out our plastic toothbrushes with these bamboo ones.

They are super soft + durable & we LOVE them! Keep in mind you are putting babmoo in your mouth & that did feel a little weird at first. But hearing that not all plastics can be recycled & that bamboo is biodegradable put some comfort back in my mouth, lol!

We bought these toothbrushes for the kids & they do not have superheroes on the front, but the kids LOVED them just as much as they would Barbie or Paw Patrol ones. Which made me happy because I did want them to enjoy the switch!

Second, we are using these washcloths as paper towel & sponge alternatives.

To be honest, not having paper towels has been extremely hard, but seeing the financial benefit has made it worth it!

I am LOOOOVING these alternatives for wiping up spills, cleaning the mirrors & washing the dishes.

Please share a good napkin alternative in the comments below! Mama’s on a mission for those!

The washcloths remind me of the Trader Joe’s rags, the difference is these are ribbed & smaller. Small enough to feel like a sponge & large enough to grab all of the stuff off of the stove.

I recommend these 100%!

Third, we’re using these muslin bags for shopping.

I recently started using grocery delivery through Instacart because it’s been helping me save money & time! The only problem is that I can’t choose which bags they put my produce/groceries in. I’ll have to figure out a solution for that, but when I do go have the control & shop myself, these bags are peeeerrrrfect for produce!

They’re also perfect for a whole list of other things which I’ll share in a later post.

Fourth, we are using these bamboo plates instead of paper.

This has probably been the switch with the most financial benefit. These plates are less than $20 right now for a set of 4 & I say run to grab these. We were spending $20 a month (easy!) on paper plates. We probably use more water to wash, but I can’t imagine the resources that were being used to make all of the paper plates we went through. It makes me sad that I hadn’t made the switch sooner, but better late than never!

The kiddos use + LOVE these plates & bowls!


Join the movement // create a ‘crunchy mama’ board on your Pinterest & pin the image above. Let’s spread the message that small changes can equal big results, over time.

With grace & coffee,